Woodwind Quintet

This piece stems from a newfound appreciation for my home in Pennsylvania. Before going to college, all I could think about was getting away from the place I'd lived for 19 years. After a semester of being in New York, I've come to appreciate and gather inspiration from my home and discover a richness that I hadn't realized before. I hope to capture that essence through this work for woodwind quintet, as I have always found woodwinds to be the most colorful instruments. 

Nick Hall - Flute, Lexie Kroll - Oboe, Eric Justt - Clarinet, Martina Smith - Horn, Dotan Yarden - Bassoon

Open the Heavens

Brass Ensemble

I've found that the pieces of music that move me the most are not necessarily always film scores. The music of the Olympics, and in particular the fanfares written by John Williams. From his Olympic Fanfare to Summon the the Heroes, they all capture the ideals, imaginations, and struggles that define wha the Olympics are all about. This piece is inspired by such music and hopes to achieve a similar goal.

Damhsa Sa Gaoth - A Celtic Fantasy

Solo Harp

Damhsa Sa Gaoth, translated “Dancing in the Wind” is a Celtic fantasy for harp, and the second piece I’ve written based upon my love and fascination with Irish music. While I did not have any specific intentions when writing this piece, one could imagine dancing on a hilltop, twirling in the wind, with beautiful Irish landscape all around her.

Sissi He - Harp