And do I see you there?

And do I see you there?

What Is Seen In The Mists

Full Orchestra + Choir

Confronting a tragedy, charting emotions across time, and how we are ultimately changed by events and people.

This is the one that started it all...

 As I looked into the sky on one of those sad days, I saw this cloud, and thought it fitting in a way, and so it became the cover for the piece

As I looked into the sky on one of those sad days, I saw this cloud, and thought it fitting in a way, and so it became the cover for the piece

On Hopes, Wishes, and Dreams

Flute, Clarinet, Soprano Sax, Horn, Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello

This piece is an extension of What Is Seen in the Mists, dealing with the same subjects and emotions, only this time instead of focusing on myself, it is for others. Others who, like me, have experienced the loss of either parents or siblings. 

When I first lost my Dad, I felt alone in the sense that this was something that only happened to me, and no one else. As time went on, however, I found that many people I knew: friends, classmates, even cousins, went through and were experiencing what I had. I then set out to write this piece, in hopes that those affected may be able to in some way benefit from it, just as I benefitted from What Is Seen in the Mists.

Special thanks to those involved in the recording.

Zach Larimer - Flute, Katianna Zaffery - Clarinet, Andrew Golub - Soprano Sax, Ivan Schmichkinney - Trombone, Alexandria Scheer - Piano, Debora Bang - Violin, Kate Barmontina - Viola, Dorothy Carlos - Cello

 Cover art by Liv Horan

Cover art by Liv Horan

Four Irish Dances

Full Orchestra

I’m not sure whether it’s my heritage from my mom’s side or my exposure to it while growing up, but I have long since held a fascination with Irish music and dance. Having friends and neighbors who were Irish dancers and musicians from Ireland probably contributed. It is from this that I attempted to write a piece that incorporated many of the different styles of Irish dances music - music that is authentic enough that it could have originated as folk music, yet given the treatment of a full orchestra. Also, given that the title has “dances” in it, music that one could theoretically dance to (for the most part). 

All of these dances though, are interconnected in such a way that makes this one multi- faceted piece of music, rather than simply four separate smaller ones. Each movement builds on the last, and each movement contains pieces of the others.


At the Speed Of Dawn

Concert Band

I’m still not really sure what this piece means, perhaps its meaning will emerge over time…

Maybe it is about the sun rising
Maybe it is about a new day
The future

Maybe it is about Good versus Evil
Maybe it is about triumph
But not without sorrow, and loss

Maybe it is about finding the light within
The courage
And strength

It is about putting the past behind,
Moving on,
And embracing what is yet to come

-January 1st, 2016